mercredi 28 mai 2008

Hello everyone!

When I first got my whiteboard I also used it for writing only, like most people do, I think.

I still use it for writing and I think it is really good to be able to show different points in different colours.

In German, which I also teach there are male, female, and neutral words. In our books they are shown in different colours - blue, red and green and now I can use the same colours on the whiteboard.

The novelty of being able to write in different colours has made my pupils a lot more eager to come to the whiteboard to write. Before this they were always afraid of making mistakes on the blackboard. Now they know that it doesn't matter - they can take it away in a fun way.

Like Phil I also use my whiteboard to watch films, and sometimes comment and write but I also use iTunes and show my pupils SKY News Active Seven Days and then write comments, words or questions to help the pupils talk or write about the news.

I'll tell you some more ways that I use the board later.

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PhilB a dit…

Looks great, Harriet!
I've got a couple E-Beam-specific questions for you, though.

When I use a video or an animation and export it to the E-Beam Scrapbook, as you did in your second screenshot, it remains a dynamic object, so that if I re-start the video, or stop it altogether, the image in the scrapbook changes. Especially if I save it and reload it the next day, the image is replaced by a black screen.

This is really annoying, because when I export the image to the scrapbook, it's because I've made annotations on it, and I'd like the image to remain fixed. How do you do that? It appears as if you've kept still pictures in your scrapbook frame.

Cheers, --- Phil

Harriet a dit…

I hadn't noticed that it goes black. I have to look at it again at school where I have the E-Beam.
I've just looked on my laptop where it was saved and I can see everything.

I have saved my screenshots in two different ways.
1. Print screen and then import the picture.
2. Automatic save after I had done the annotations and then carried on with the news. The programme asks if I want to save when I carry on watching.

I don't really know what the difference is except no 2 is a lot easier to do.

How do you save yours?

Cheers Harriet