mercredi 28 mai 2008


We have just been provided with an EWB (Interwrite) in our school. I have not used it yet and I would like to start as soon as possible.

Because of the examinations, the classes will stop next week, so I hope I will be able to use it next September. What would you advise me to do for a start?

I am an English teacher, my students are 15-19 , and I work in a Lycée in Paris.
Thanks for your advice!


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PhilB a dit…

Here is some help: a ready-to-use lesson on describing people in English. The lesson is described fully (in French) here:

Here is the short version:
"Who Killed Captain Jacobi", part 1: a powerpoint lesson for describing people (face, clothes, hair, age, attitude and hypotheses) where students brainstorm from the pictures, then see some examples of specific vocabulary or sentence structures. This lesson can be used with a videoprojector, or printed out on transparencies for use with an overhead projector.

"An FBI WebQuest" Part 2: Students visit the official website of the FBI and use what they learned in part 1 to describe the criminals there. Then they choose a suspect to describe to the class, from a selection of actors in crime films.
WebQuest worksheet:

Suspects page:

Enjoy! --- Phil