mercredi 4 juin 2008

CLIL with Seurat

Here's another way of using a picture to develop a project which involves English, Art and Italian. The main idea was using a picture to study Art in English but, at the same time, developing knowledge of English too.
Primary school children, a fifth grade in this case, don't have a strong knowledge of English, so I decided to use the picture to learn new vocabulary , to develop reading comprehension , to learn how to use a bilingual dictionary to help writing.
I used cooperative learning for the group activities, so "weak" pupils had the opportunity to do their best in the group learning from the others at the same time.
The part about Seurat found on the Internet was very useful to develop study skills: I cut it into four pieces and each group was given a piece to translate into a good Italian and then learn . All the participants of the group had to know it well, then I mixed the groups so that they would be formed by pupils of all the previous groups. Each pupil had to share his part of the story with the other pupils so that, in the end, each of them was able to tell the whole story. It has really worked, expecially with children who never study at home or those who can't speak Italian well yet.
The smartboard has been the place for sharing contents for the whole activity and it gave fun to a normal class activity. That's the main point: the interactive whiteboard motivates children and gives an added value to the activities we normally do at school.


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